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Yuly Alejo

Illustrator / Concept Artist

Yuly Alejo

My name is Yuly Alejo I was born in Málaga, Spain and I have worked as an freelance illustrator in the illustration industry since 2012.

My work consists mainly of covers for fantasy books, artwork for board games, character design and concept art.

A few publishers and authors I've worked with: Paizo (Pathfinder Role Play), Smiling Goblin (Krynea Battlefield card game) Insólita Editorial (Carlos Sisí), Editorial Nazarí, among others.


2014 - Imaginamálaga Award for Best Newcomer Illustrator


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Experience / Publications

2017 - Insólita Publishing. Book cover illustration for the novel Vienen cuando hace frío by Carlos Sisí.

2017 - Nazarí Publishing. Book cover for Tiempos de honor by Ismael Contreras

2016 - Smiling Goblin Publishing. Several illustrations for: Krynea Battlefield card board game. 

2016 - Nazarí Publishing. Book cover illustration for:  Donde lloran los dragones by Ismael Contreras.

2016 - Artwork for book novel The Murry Rose by Carla Hattaway Fortenberry.

2015-  Illustration book cover for Freja's Doughters. The Viking Dragonsblood Inmortals by Karen Corbin.

2015 - Illustration book cover for the novel  Dishonored a Knight's Devotion by J.C Harker

2015 - Pathfinder. Paizo. Lost Spheres Publishing. Book cover illustration for roleplaying game, A wind of Ash.

2015 - Book cover illustration for the novel El Congreso, by Javier Piqueras de Noriega.

2015 - Book cover illustration for the novel La Cátedra by Javier Piqueras de Noriega.

2014 - Cover illustration for Valinor Publishing issue in July and inside illustrations.

2014 - Interview and illustrations for Inari Nº3 magazine.

2014 - Illustration for Tiempos Oscuros Nº3 magazine, special Spain.

2014 - Illustration for special number of fantastic poety miNatura magazine.

2013 - Book Cover for the terror novel Isla Muerta by Daniel Gutiérrez.

2013 - Interview for December Issue, Inari Magazine.

2013 - Cover and inside illustrations for, First International Conference on Teaching of Andalusian Culture, University of Málaga.

2013 - Cover illustration for Inari Magazine.

2013 - Collaboration for the adult fantasy magazine, Rage Magazine.

2012 - Illustrator in the Illustration Studio , Esilustración.

2012 - Colaboration tales illustrated for Action Tales.

Several fantasy authors



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